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Dentist Markings on Bite Block

Midline (middle of face)
This line is not necessarily identical to the upper and lower lip tendons or
the midline of the model.

Canine Line
This determines the width of the upper anteriors, also where the tips of
the canines are to be positioned. Also, their positioning can be determined
on the basis of the corners of the mouth or a vertical extension of
the outer nasal wings.

Smile Line

This is decisive for the length of the upper anteriors. The tooth necks
should normally be above this line.

Occlusal Plane

It follows the upper edge of the lower wax bite rim (ie: between the lower
incisal edges in the anterior area and the distobuccal cusps of the lower
second molar). It intersects the midline which is the fix point for the incisal
pin, and runs parallel with Campers line.

Download: Dentist Markings on Bite Block

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