Experience the future of case relationship management. For practices who want a more closely connected, streamlined relationship.


We’ve been partnering with dental providers since 2005.

Others have a portal, we have a PLATFORM. 100% of cases to our lab are submitted through the Platform making us the first fully digital lab in the industry.

Grow Your Relationships

Arklign provides case transparency to practices which enables more closely connected relationships. Eliminate the noise, simplify your interactions, and focus on cases while our partnership grows. We utilize artificial intelligence to highlight risks in our relationship and prevent any issues that could result in unexpected case results.

Centralize Case Management

Experience the improved efficiency of complete case management in one place with the most intuitive software platform. All digital and traditional cases can be managed together from all your practices.

Organize Communication

We set a new standard for direct communication with your practices and dental labs. Send messages anytime, anywhere from your desktop or mobile device. We organize communication so you have context around your messages.

Analyze the Activities

See a holistic view of your case performance to drive smarter decision to save time and costs at every level. We automatically collect key data and provide on-demand insights so you do not have to wait for complex reports. Read more about data’s emerging role in the dental practice-lab relationship.

We developed our platform from the ground up with one goal in mind:Β  to create the best user experience. We want you to really enjoy using Arklign, so we made it feel like the tech you use every day. Submitting a case is like ordering on Amazon and messaging your labs is just like connecting with friends on Facebook. If you use these platforms, you can use Arklign with little to no training. We know adjusting to new software can be hard. That’s why we put our hearts into making Arklign easy.

Ray Alde

Chief Technical Officer, Arklign

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Dental Practice Platform

From DSOs to solo practices, Arklign provides a more closely connected, streamlined workflow with your dental lab partners. Save time with an online platform that centralizes your information and simplifies case submission so you can focus on patient care. Manage your cases and your practices from start to finish while building a strong partnership.

Dental Lab Restorations

For those practices and laboratories looking for Restorative solutions, we have a team of experts that can help you with your cases. We combine the latest in CAD/CAM technology along with our proprietary digital workflow to fabricate high quality cases with your preferences.Β 

dental lab

"The missing piece in many labs that I see is relationship with the clients . When at its best, the dentist/ lab interaction is a partnership. It is encouraging to see your fantastic use of technology and strong relational style."

Dr. Michael Kelly
Clinical Instructor for Carestream Dental

"My experience with Arklign Case Relationship Management has been positive. It is user-friendly and time-saving. I enjoy the fact that I can check the status of cases we have submitted, without having to call. Also, the ease of updating a case has been a big help, as well as sending/receiving messages form lab people. "

Susie A.
Front Office
Carlos Ascencio, DDS Inc.

β€œI rely on Arklign Case Relationship Management Insights to give me valuable, timely information about all my practices and dentists in each practice. I'm able to use Insights to have a conversation with my associate dentists on areas we can improve to save time and be cost-efficient.”

Dr. Huong Le
Chief Dental Officer of Asian Health Services

"I have used Arklign for four years and really appreciate their electronic case management platform. With Arklign I can view shipment dates, shipment locations, and answer questions."

Randolph Cross, DDS
Dental Director
Salud Para La Gente

"With their case relationship management platform, I always know the status of my cases. They make working with the lab very easy for my team."

Dr. DeLuca
Community Medical Centers

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