Become a Partner Lab and transform the dental lab experience for your dental practices

Our mission is to transform the dental lab experience for dental practices so more patients can be treated. We quickly realized we cannot do this alone and are calling on all laboratories who would like to partner in our mission.

As a lab partner, you will have access to all our solutions to help you improve your experience with your dental practices. We help you increase profitability and production capacity while lowering manufacturing cost.  You can add additional services or eliminate unwanted and time-consuming procedures without having to invest in large equipment.

Over 13 years of Experience

Arklign has been providing quality dental restorations since our founding in 2005. We build relationships with our customers and assign all accounts a dedicated customer relationship manager. We pride ourselves in effective and transparent communication and proactively inform our customers of case alerts or delays in fabrication. We pour our hearts into every case we receive and strive to provide the best experience for our customers and their patients. Learn more here.


Arklign is more than just a dental lab. We are also a technology company that eagerly works to develop software that reduces costs and eliminates common pain points experienced by our customers. Arklign’s case relationship management platform easily allows dental lab partner to schedule pick-ups, submit cases, communicate with our customer service team and analyze trends in your company’s cases. Learn more here.

Let one of our Account Relationship Managers help you setup your account