Rework Root Cause Analysis
Complete the feedback loop with root cause analysis and know what’s going on when a case was reworked.

Our root cause analysis that comes with each rework case will provide insights on rework cases. This is great information to review with the parties involved to improve on case fabrication, and gain a better understanding of how to make the next case even better. This allows the team to do what’s already good, even better.

We’ll send a message on your patient’s case card once we’ve completed the analysis.

Select your Upper and Lower arch at the same time
No longer do you need to add the product one at a time for the upper and lower arch.¬†We’ve updated the case submission form that allows you to select the Upper and Lower arch when selecting your products.

Add More Items
We’ve moved this button so it’s easier to find after adding your first product.

Improved Insights Filtering
Now you can see individual provider insights at all the practices all at the same time.

In addition to insights at the individual provider level at each individual office, you can now consolidate data of individual provider at all the offices they practice all in one view.  Improved insights filtering gives you all the data you need to make fact-based decision and grow your practices.