You’re on the search for a full service dental laboratory and the first thing you do is dig through all the dental lab advertisements your assistant collected throughout the years, or turn to Google search and type in “Full Service Dental Lab.”  This in turn provides you with a long list of Dental Laboratories to choose from—they all promise consistent quality, great service, and prompt turnaround time.  That, or you have a small list referred to you by your colleagues.  Either way, you need to do your due diligence.  One thing to keep in mind:  A great lab is out there so never settle for a mediocre lab.  A great lab is a lab committed to helping dentists successfully deliver a wonderful patient experience and are generous in giving advice and making sure that the dentists can depend on them.

When selecting a lab, ask them these questions:

1) Quality assurance processes – Beware when a lab says, “we’ll try harder” or “we’ll be more careful,” when they run into quality issues.  Trying harder or being more careful is not measurable.  Always ask your lab about their quality assurance process.  Measurable quality control reduces or eliminates the need for remakes and repairs.

  • How does the lab ensure that the quality of its products meets your quality requirements and preferences?
  • What type of performance report is used in the lab to measure quality and maintain consistency?

2) Customer service and support – A good lab must be able to provide communication, collaboration, and consultation across your team.

  • How does the lab learn and record your fabrication and service requirements to ensure the technicians and customer service team are dialed in with your preferences?
  • What policies and guidelines are in place to ensure all your inquiries are addressed in a timely manner?
  • Does the lab provide resources that would help you work better on your cases?

3) Turnaround time and delays – You should never get caught off guard with delayed cases and rescheduling your patients last minute.

  • How does the lab ensure that the turnaround time for each case meets your due date?
  • What type of performance report is used in the lab to monitor turnaround time and avoid delays?

Set up an appointment with the lab you’re interested in to learn more about their products and services and to discuss your needs and expectations.

It is better to clarify things before you start so you are not caught by surprises. As you begin your partnership with your lab, it is also important to maintain open communication to easily resolve issues that may arise during the course of your partnership.

What else do you look for in a great dental lab?  Please let us know below.  

We at Arklign Laboratories can provide you with the best dental lab experience which in turn leads to a wonderful patient experience.  Call us at 800.361.1659 for more information or to partner with us.


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Author Bio

Ray Alde is the CEO of Arklign Laboratories whose mission is to provide dentists with the best dental lab experience. LinkedIn