Surgical Planning and Guide

As demand for dental implant treatments continue to grow, more clinicians are being presented with the opportunity to perform implant services in their practices. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or just getting started with implant placements, there are many benefits to using a surgical guide, not to mention “Standard of Care.”
These benefits include highest degree of implant placement precision, safety of your surgery, and predictability of surgical outcome. Arklign’s surgical planning and surgical guide services help dentists precisely place implants with maximum patient comfort while maintaining a restorative-driven approach throughout the whole treatment process.  This allows dentists to attain the best imaginable result with as little discomfort for the patient as possible.


Arklign surgical guides include:

• Surgical Guide – Single Site

• Surgical Guide – Multiple Sites

• Surgical Guide – AOX

• Bone Reduction Guide

• Stackable Bone Reduction Guide + Drill Guide

• Impacted Tooth Extraction Guide

• Apex Surgical Guide

• Lateral Sinus Floor Lifting Guide

• Pterygoid/Tuberosity Implant Surgical Guide