Single Sign-On

You can now log into the Arklign Platform using Google or Apple credentials, in addition to Microsoft Office 365. You no longer have to remember a separate password and experience a seamless login experience.

Sign in with Apple
Make sure you select “Share my Email” when logging in.

Scheduling Pickups
To ensure same day pickups, it must be scheduled before 2:00pm PST. Anytime after, the pickup date will default to the next business day.

Saving Trees. Smaller Invoice Labels.
We continue to evolve to see how we can improve customer experience and save our planet. So starting Sept. 21, 2020, we will provide printed invoices in 4×6 inch labels with our cases. This will give you the option to stick the invoice on your patient chart while saving the planet with reduced paper size. You will still have the option to print 8.5×11 paper invoices on the platform if needed.

Verify Design Options
Select the Edit icon in this section to change your options on a case you’re submitting. Click the blue checkmark to quickly save.